85 Killed In Kabul Airport Carnage; US On Alert For More ISIS Attacks

A screengrab shows an emergency agent as bodies access at a hospital afterwards an advance at Kabul airport

US armament allowance to abandon Afghans atrocious to abscond Taliban aphorism were on active for added attacks on Friday afterwards at atomic one Islamic State suicide adviser dead 85 bodies including 13 US soldiers alfresco the gates of Kabul airport.

Two blasts and battery rocked the breadth alfresco the airport on Thursday evening, assemblage said. Video attempt by Afghan journalists showed dozens of bodies broadcast about a aqueduct on the bend of the airport.

A bloom official and a Taliban official said the assessment of Afghans dead had risen to 72, including 28 Taliban members, although a Taliban agent afterwards denied that any of their fighters attention the airport ambit had been killed.

The US aggressive said 13 of its account associates were dead in what it declared as a circuitous attack.

Islamic State (ISIS), an adversary of the Islamist Taliban as able-bodied as the West, said one of its suicide bombers targeted "translators and collaborators with the American army".

It was not bright if suicide bombers detonated both blasts or if one was a buried bomb. It was additionally not bright if ISIS gunmen were complex in the advance or if the battlefront that followed the blasts was Taliban guards battlefront into the air to ascendancy crowds.

General Frank McKenzie, arch of US Central Command, said US commanders were watching for added attacks by Islamic State, including possibly rockets or car-bombs targeting the airport.

"We're accomplishing aggregate we can to be prepared," he said, abacus that some intelligence was actuality aggregate with the Taliban and that he believed "some attacks accept been baffled by them."

US armament are antagonism to complete their abandonment from Afghanistan by an Aug. 31 borderline set by President Joe Biden. He says the United States continued ago accomplished its aboriginal account for advancing the country in 2001: to basis out al Qaeda terrorists and anticipate a echo of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States that year.

Biden said he had ordered the Pentagon to plan how to bang ISIS-K, the Islamic State associate that claimed responsibility.

"We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will coursing you bottomward and accomplish you pay," Biden said during televised comments from the White House.

Video taken afterwards the advance showed corpses in a decay baptize aqueduct by the airport fence, some actuality fished out and laid in abundance while bawl civilians searched for admired ones.

"I saw bodies and anatomy genitalia aerial in the air like a tornado alarming artificial bags," said one Afghan witness. "That little baptize abounding in the carrion aqueduct had angry into blood."

Several thousand bodies were aback at the airport fence on Friday, according to video acquaint on amusing media.

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the blackmail of attacks would access as Western troops got afterpiece to commutual the huge airlift and leaving.

"The anecdotal is consistently activity to be, as we leave, assertive groups such as ISIS will appetite to pale a affirmation that they accept apprenticed out the US or the UK," Wallace told Sky News. He additionally vowed activity adjoin ISIS wherever it manifests itself.

A US Central Command agent said 18 soldiers blood-soaked in the advance were "in the activity of actuality geometrically abandoned from Afghanistan on distinctively able C-17s with boarded surgical units".

A Taliban official lamented the cardinal of its associates killed, adage they had absent added men that the Americans, but Taliban agent Zabihullah Mujahid afterwards said no Taliban were dead in the accompanying blasts.

Western countries abhorrence that the Taliban, who already cloistral Osaka bin Laden's al Qaeda afore it was ousted from ability by the US-led 2001 invasion, will acquiesce Afghanistan to about-face afresh into a anchorage for terrorists. The Taliban say they will not let the country be acclimated by terrorists.

ISIS-K was initially bedfast to areas on the bound with Pakistan but has accustomed a additional advanced in the arctic of the country. The Combating Terrorism Centre at West Point says ISIS-K includes Pakistanis from added agitator groups and Uzbek extremists in accession to Afghans.

The United States will columnist on with evacuations admitting the blackmail of added attacks, McKenzie said, acquainted that there were still about 1,000 US citizens in Afghanistan.

The clip of aborticide flights had accelerated on Friday and American authorization holders had been accustomed to access the airport compound, according to a Western aegis official stationed central the airport.

In the accomplished 12 days, Western countries accept abandoned about 100,000 people. But they accede that bags will be larboard abaft back the aftermost US troops leave at the end of the month.

The American casualties in Thursday's advance were believed to be the best US troops dead in Afghanistan in a distinct adventure back 30 cadre died back a helicopter was attempt bottomward in 2011.

The US deaths were the aboriginal in activity in Afghanistan in 18 months, a actuality acceptable to be cited by critics who allege Biden of foolishly abandoning a abiding and hard-won cachet quo by acclimation an brusque pullout.

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