Afghan government launched offensive, we reacted: Taliban agent | Exclusive - Part II

Afghan government launched offensive, we reacted: Taliban agent | Absolute - Allotment II

Blaming the Ghani administering in Kabul, Taliban agent Mohammad Suhail Shaheen said the abhorrent arena out in Afghanistan was in acknowledgment to the acknowledgment of a six-month continued aggressive activity by the Afghan government.

File photo of Taliban agent Suhail Shaheen | Photo Credits: Karim Jaafar via AFP

'Taliban wants to adios the accepted administering in Kabul'

'Negotiations in Doha for a new government which will be adequate to all parties'

Hijab, according to Islam, is article Muslim women should observe: Taliban spokesperson

The Afghan affair has no aggressive solution, Taliban agent Mohammad Suhail Shaheen told India Today from Doha in Qatar. Mohammad Suhail Shaheen is a affiliate of the negotiations aggregation and the Taliban's agent for all-embracing media.

In an absolute account with India Today, Mohammad Suhail Shaheen additionally said that the Taliban's abhorrent was in acknowledgment to the Afghan government's acknowledgment of a six-month continued aggressive activity adjoin the Taliban.

The Taliban agent additionally denied letters and claims that the accumulation was complex in the killing of Indian announcer Danish Siddiqui.

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"We appetite civic accord of Afghanistan. We appetite peaceful coexistence with all Afghans of all views," Taliban agent Mohammad Suhail Shaheen said.

Isn't there a dichotomy that, on the one hand, the Taliban and the Afghan government are in talks and on the added hand, both abandon are angry anniversary added in Afghanistan?

For the aftermost 20 years, we accept been ambitious a peaceful band-aid to the Afghan affair because we said time and afresh that the Afghan affair has no aggressive solution.

Right now, angry in Afghanistan accompanying with negotiations underway in Doha appropriate now is because the arch of the Kabul administering appear a six ages aggressive operation adjoin us on the day of Eid.

: Talks with India on action of “impartiality”, says Taliban spokesperson.

No talks accept taken abode amid Indian and Taliban officials

And afterwards that, they started bombing not alone our position, but additionally bombing hospitals, clinics, schools and markets of the accepted people. So, it was our reaction.

We acted to the aggressive operation. Back we reacted, they started evacuating cities, bigoted cities and added cities. And we accept captured, for now, nine bigoted cities.

The Taliban claims to accept captured nine bigoted cities but the Afghan administering is abnegation Taliban's claims. What's your reaction?

We accept affirmation of the arena realities. Our armament are there, they accept fabricated videos of capturing those bigoted cities.

The bodies are happy. They are affable our forces. But on the added hand, the Kabul administering has resorted to bombing and hitting, targeting the accepted people, the hospitals. They accept additionally resorted to overextension affected videos. All those videos accept been taken from atrocities committed by Daesh (IS/ISIS) and some videos from the accomplished and fabricated affected videos, braid the videos, one with another.

US-backed Afghan armament ambition Taliban hideouts, over 100 fighters appear dead

Now they are overextension that it is appropriate now accident in areas beneath our administration. All this is propaganda.

They do not apperceive about the arena realities because they are sitting in Kabul. We are appropriate on the ground. We are the bodies of Afghanistan who accept struggled for the liberation of the country for the accomplished 20 years.

If the talks are on, breadth is the charge to abduction territories? If the Taliban ambition to be allotment of the Kabul administering in the future, afresh why abduction land?

What was the charge for the Kabul administering to advertise a six-month aggressive operation adjoin the Taliban? What is the charge of them to say that they accept dead hundreds of Taliban members, as they affirmation every day?

So this was started by them. They started the offensive, we reacted. Secondly, we are not negotiating to be allotment of the Kabul administration. The negotiations are to accede on a new government, on a new political roadmap to alter this administration.

Taliban fighters convoying central the burghal of Farah on Wednesday | Credits: AP

A government which will be adequate to all Afghans, that is the solution.

It is not about surrendering to the government. It is about reconciliation, which agency we will accept a new government which anybody agrees on and anybody will accept accord in that.

But back speaking about a new government, are we talking about a new government afterwards elections, a democratically adopted representation of the bodies of Afghanistan?

We are captivation negotiations actuality in Doha and that acceding is for extensive an acceding about a new political roadmap, for a new government which will be adequate to all parties.

Any abstraction can be put alternating by anyone. We accept our own agenda, they accept their own agenda. They can accompany it to the table for acceding and afresh it will be discussed.

We came to a cessation and absitively to boldness it through peaceful acceding and we accomplished an agreement.

There are fears aural the all-embracing media about their aegis afterwards what happened to Danish Siddiqui.

Danish Siddiqui was not with us. He was with the Kabul aegis forces. He anchored himself with their armament after allegorical us. Our aphorism is that journalists who are advancing to the scene, he or she should alike with us and acquaint us. So we will booty affliction that they will not be harmed.

He was anchored with the Kabul administering and they launched an advance adjoin us. It was during the angry that he was killed. It is not so that.

Afghan official confirms Danish Siddiqui was captured and accomplished by Taliban

I heard letters that he was mutilated, that is not true. We don't do that. It's adjoin the rules of Islam.

Also, his anatomy was taken by the government armament and not by us, so how can it be possible?

Reports say that he was demography apartment in a mosque, he was articular as an Indian, pulled out, afresh bent and killed.

It's not correct. Our armament are carefully instructed not to annoy journalists who are accomplishing their job. That is because they are not aggressive people. They are civillians, so that's not our policy.

He came with the Kabul aegis forces. But, of course, it is not a acceptable affair that a announcer was killed. We do not appetite that.

What about advancing letters of accouchement actuality killed, about 27 in 72 hours, women actuality killed, some alike tortured?

I abnegate these claims that we are killing women and children. Protection of women and accouchement is one of our goals. We are from Afghanistan, not from alfresco of the country. Those who are from alfresco of the country, those whose families are from alfresco of the country, who are still in adopted countries captivation adopted stations; they are now sitting in Kabul and accept the abundant weapons to annihilate civilians, bombing their houses.

It is not accessible for us. If we do that, afresh we will not be able to alive amid the bodies because our capital abutment is from the people.

Afghan armament patrolling breadth on outskirts of Herat on Sunday | Credits: AP

Even aural Islam, shouldn't cutting a "hijab" be a amount of best and accommodation of the woman, a practicing Muslim, whether she wants to or does not appetite to?

Hijab, according to Islam, is article Muslim women should observe. I say the blazon of "hijab" may be different. Muslim women should beam the "hijab". A practicing Muslim woman has to accept by it and beam the "hijab".

Taliban annihilate woman for cutting bound clothes in Afghanistan's Balkh province

Many Afghans now carol Allah-u-Akbar at night as a mark of beef adjoin the Taliban, so not everybody is with you.

I can appearance you videos of abutment for the Taliban as well. Those who are chanting Allah-u-Akbar are with us. How can they not be with us? How can they be with occupation?

The activity should beggarly maybe adopted forces. I'm aloof allurement you about those practicing Afghan Muslims who ability not accede with you or your political angle or ability alter with you. What do you accept to say to them?

Alike those who accept a altered appearance from us, we accommodate them with security. We accept issued statements, not already but time and again.

We are tolerant. We appetite civic accord of Afghanistan. We appetite peaceful coexistence with all Afghans of all views. We can advance a accustomed life. They can participate in the architecture of Afghanistan.

We do not appoint that they should booty allotment in our armed struggle. They may accept altered opinions than us, but they are our bodies and we accommodate aegis for them.

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