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Amid Mess, Congress's Harish Rawat Asks To Be Relieved From Punjab Role

Harish Rawat, Congress's poll in-charge, said abutting year's acclamation will be fought beneath Amarinder Singh

Citing abutting year's accumulation elections in Uttarakhand, area he is the Congress's attack board chairman, Harish Rawat has approved to be adequate as the in-charge of affair diplomacy in Punjab.

He said that to apply on the accessible Accumulation elections in Uttarakhand, it had been on his apperception to seek to be adequate of the albatross of the party's Punjab diplomacy in-charge.

"Yes, this is the reason," the above Uttarakhand Arch Minister told reporters in Dehradun on Thursday back asked if he has approved to be adequate of the allegation as Punjab diplomacy in-charge so that he could apply on the accessible acclamation in his state.

He added that he would accept by whatever administration is accustomed to him by the party.

"If my affair asks me to abide (as Punjab diplomacy in-charge), I will continue," said Mr Rawat.

Both Punjab and Uttarakhand will go to acclamation abutting year.

While the Congress is gluttonous to absorb ability in Punjab, it aims to acknowledgment to ability by acquisition the cardinal BJP in the acropolis state.

Punjab is witnessing a altercate amid the camps of Arch Minister Amarinder Singh and accompaniment Congress arch Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Harish Rawat, who is currently in Delhi to accommodated the party's arch leadership, had afresh said abutting year's Punjab Accumulation elections will be fought beneath the administration of Amarinder Singh, carrying a boycott to the leaders absent his removal.

Mr Rawat had additionally said that there was no blackmail to the Amarinder Singh-led government in Punjab.

Reacting to Navjot Sidhu's account advancement the affair aerial command to acquiesce him the abandon to booty decisions, Mr Rawat said affair chiefs are chargeless to booty their decisions aural the party's norms and constitution.

"I will see the ambience in which Navjot Singh Sidhu has fabricated these remarks. Mr Sidhu is the admired arch of the Punjab unit. Who will accept the ability to booty decisions if not the accompaniment presidents," he told reporters in Delhi on Friday.

Mr Rawat added accompaniment presidents are chargeless to booty decisions aural the party's architecture and position.

Navjot Sidhu had said beforehand that the affair aerial command should accord him the abandon to booty decisions and he will ensure that the Congress charcoal in ability for the abutting 20 years. He said he has able a roadmap in this regard.

"The affair aerial command should acquiesce me the abandon to booty decisions, abroad I will accord a befitting reply," he said acclamation a affair in Amritsar.

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