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'Answer Is No, There'll Be Consequences': Taliban On US Pullout Extension

Afghanistan: Biden has insisted he wants to end US aggressive attendance and airlifts by August 31.

The Taliban warned on Monday there would be "consequences" if the United States and its allies extend their attendance in Afghanistan above abutting week, as anarchy connected to beat Kabul airport with tens of bags of bodies still atrocious to flee.

To baby-sit a anarchic airlift of foreigners and Afghans atrocious to escape the acknowledgment of the hardline Islamic regime, bags of troops accept caked aback into Afghanistan and burden is growing on Washington to extend an August 31 abandonment deadline.

But the Taliban Monday showed no alertness to compromise, with agent Suhail Shaheen cogent Sky News that blockage above the agreed borderline would be "extending occupation".

"If the US or UK were to seek added time to abide evacuations -- the acknowledgment is no... there would be consequences," he said.

Two Taliban sources, meanwhile, told AFP the accumulation would not advertise the architecture of its government or chiffonier until the aftermost US soldier has larboard the country.

The blitz to leave Kabul has sparked agonizing scenes and dead at atomic eight people, some ashamed to afterlife and at atomic one actuality afterwards falling off a plane.

The German defence admiral said Monday an Afghan man was dead and three others afflicted in a aurora firefight amid bounded guards and alien assailants.

German and American troops "participated in a added barter of fire", it said in a statement.

The Taliban, abominable for an ultra-strict estimation of sharia law during their antecedent 1996-2001 rule, accept again claimed to be altered this time and declared an absolution for government armament and officials.

But an intelligence certificate for the United Nations said terrorists were activity door-to-door hunting above government admiral and those who formed with US and NATO forces.

President Joe Biden has insisted he wants to end the US aggressive attendance and airlifts by the end of the month.

But with the European Union and Britain adage it would be absurd to get anybody out by then, Biden is beneath burden to extend the deadline.

Germany said on Monday it was in talks with NATO allies and the Taliban to accumulate Kabul airport accessible for evacuations above August 31, while France accurate "concern" over the deadline, adage "additional time is bare to complete advancing operations".

Speaking at the White House on Sunday, Biden said negotiations were beneath way to analyze the achievability of extending the deadline.

He additionally accustomed the adverse scenes at the airport, which accept included babies and accouchement actuality anesthetized to soldiers over razor-wire fences and men adhering to the alfresco of abandonment planes.

He said, however, they were allotment of the amount of departure.

"There is no way to abandon this abounding bodies after affliction and accident and affecting images you see," he said.

The Pentagon on Monday said about 16,000 bodies were abandoned over the accomplished 24 hours from Kabul airport, demography to 37,000 the cardinal relocated back the acute airlift operations started on August 14.

In the capital, the Taliban accept activated some faculty of calm in a burghal continued bedridden by agitated crime, with their armed armament patrolling the streets and manning checkpoints.

Visually, they accept additionally been attractive to brand their authority, ensuring the tri-coloured civic banderole is replaced with their white banner.

At a roadside in Kabul on the weekend, adolescent men awash Taliban flags, which buck in atramentous argument the Muslim advertisement of acceptance and the regime's academic name: "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan".

"Our ambition is to advance the banderole of the Islamic Emirate throughout Afghanistan," said agent Ahmad Shakib, who studies economics at university.

Outside of Kabul, there accept been flickers of attrition adjoin the Taliban.

Some ex-government troops accept aggregate in the Panjshir Valley, arctic of the basic -- continued accepted as an anti-Taliban bastion.

The Taliban said Monday their fighters had amidst attrition armament holed up in the valley, but were attractive to accommodate rather than booty the action to them.

Taliban fighters "are stationed abreast Panjshir", agent Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted, abacus the accumulation was aggravating to boldness this affair peacefully".

The advertisement follows broadcast letters of clashes overnight, with pro-Taliban amusing media accounts claiming gunmen were massing, and Afghanistan's above carnality admiral Amrullah Saleh adage attrition armament were captivation strong.

One of the leaders of the movement in Panjshir, called the Civic Attrition Front, is the son of acclaimed anti-Taliban administrator Ahmad Shah Massoud.

The NRF is able for a "long-term conflict" but is additionally still gluttonous to accommodate with the Taliban about an across-the-board government, its agent Ali Maisam Nazary told AFP in an account on the weekend.

With government offices still mostly closed, abounding Afghans are afraid about actuality paid -- but the Taliban appear the arrangement of a axial coffer governor Monday to accumulate the auto of accounts moving.

Civil agents were told at the weekend, however, that they wouldn't get their salaries until a new government was formed.

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