Can Taliban Fly? Video Shows Fighters Taxiing Captured US-Made Chopper

The footage, however, doesn't appearance the helicopter absolutely appropriation off the ground.

A Twitter video of an Afghan Air Force UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter taxiing has been geo-located by experts to Kandahar airport in southeastern Afghanistan on August 18. This indicates that Taliban armament were attempting to alternation or accomplish the US-made carriage helicopter afterwards the abatement of the key Afghan city.

Air Force UH-60 Blackhawk at Kandahar. Important to agenda it is alone apparent taxiing not flying.

Significantly, the ample aggregate of the Afghan Air Force's best almighty aggressive assets were aureate out of the country on August 15 to anticipate again from falling into the easily of Taliban fighters.

Satellite adumbration from Planet Labs showed added than 40 Afghan Air Force aircraft were aureate into Uzbekistan including 10 Brazilian fabricated A-29 Super Tucano Ablaze advance aircraft, which were acclimated to bead laser guided bombs on Taliban targets. One A-29 was absent afterwards reportedly colliding mid-air with Uzbek MiG-29 fighters while beat Afghanistan. Five advance choppers to accept aureate into Uzbekistan were Mi-25 choppers, adjourned by India in 2019 and supplied by Belarus.

According to the defence account Janes, ''The accession of the platforms at Termez Airport in southern Uzbekistan was appear by the bounded media on 16 August with bartering accessory adumbration of the armpit afterwards acknowledging the alteration of a cogent allotment of the AAF's fleet.'' As abounding as 600 Afghans were believed to accept aureate into the country with the aircraft and accept approved asylum.

Meanwhile, the account approach Russia 1 has additionally advertisement footage of at atomic 12 Afghan carriage aircraft accepting accustomed at the Bokhtar Airport in Tajikistan.

indicates that Taliban armament were attempting to alternation or accomplish the US-made carriage helicopter afterwards the abatement of the key Afghan city.

Taliban accept bedeviled A-29 Super Tucano ablaze advance aircraft and MD-530F ablaze aggressive helicopter at the Mazer-i-Sharif airport.

While the Taliban accept captured at atomic one A-29 Super Tucano aircraft and an MD-530F aggressive helicopter at Mazar-e-Sharif airport on August 15, its absurd that the Taliban would be able to use these aircraft for any aeon of time after abiding spares support.

In an account to Defence News, General Mark Clark, who leads the US Air Combat Command sai,d, "They may absolutely be able to get it airborne... but they'd apparently be added alarming to their own abundance than they would [be] to bodies on the ground." That said, the General adds, "I'm not aboveboard abundant to not be able to anticipate a book area maybe - maybe - they could acquisition pilots, that maybe the above Afghan air force pilots would be apprenticed to appear over to their side."

The Afghanistan Air Force did not accomplish avant-garde fighter aircraft with any cogent adequacy at the time the Taliban took over relying instead on low technology platforms supplied befitting in apperception the bound appulse these would accept if they fell into the amiss hands.

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