Chennai Covid Patient, 56, Recovers After 109 Days On Ventilator Support

56 year-old Mudijja stepped out of the hospital as a advantageous man on Thursday.

A Covid accommodating in Chennai whose lungs were absolutely damaged has absolutely recovered afterwards actuality on ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) abutment or bogus lungs for 62 days. He is actuality accustomed as India's longest actual accommodating on ECMO afterwards transplantation.

At Chennai's Rela Hospital it's a new charter of action for 56-year-old Mohamed Muddhija. His lungs suffered absolute accident afterwards he had activated absolute for Covid in April end. Doctors had put him on ECMO afterwards the action of his lungs attenuated acute 10 litres of oxygen per minute.

The agent was waitlisted for lung displace afterwards four weeks. That was the time the additional beachcomber ailing and he could not get the organ. However, the doctors didn't lose hope. He connected on ECMO and his lungs recovered in the ninth week.

Still on his wheelchair, as he able to leave the hospital afterwards actuality on chase for 109 days, a celebrating Mohamed told NDTV, "It's my additional birth. Whatever they (doctors) asked me to do I did. I had put all my efforts in God's hands."

Doctors say Mr Mohamed displayed amazing will ability and brainy strength. The survivor said, "I was mostly unconscious. My wife took affliction of everything. But I'm a amateur and that kept me strong. Now I will get aback to my business action and booty affliction of my ancestors and relatives".

His daughter, MA Marzuka, angry emotional. She has alike added a gym at their home so her ancestor could assignment out. ECMO costs about Rs 40 lakh a month. She added, "Everyone can't allow this. Alike we begin it difficult but we had to do this for our father. We acknowledge all our doctors."

It was Mohamed's wife, HA Arunmozhi Fathima, who was in command. On what gave her the achievement and confidence, the Supreme Court advocate said, "I was abashed sometimes. But I was bright that a lung displace could affect my husband's active nature. So I was able to wait".

Experts accept this success adventure offers a ray of achievement for those with astringent lung accident due to Covid.

Professor Mohamed Rela, Chairman and Managing Director of Rela Hospital, said, "Not all patients on ECMO will crave a lung displace and if you backpack on with it, there may be an befalling for some patients to balance afterwards lung transplant. I accept we still don't accept the lung accident in Covid, it's a new disease." 

While its acceptable account for the Mohamed family, ECMO abutment costs about Rs 40 lakh a ages and alone a baby allotment can allow this. 

Dr Rela added, "Only a miniscule cardinal of bodies crave ECMO and a allotment apparatus by the government and NGOs could save added lives."

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