Delhi Has Highest CCTVs Per Square Mile Across World: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi government claims that Delhi's attainable spaces are the best monitored in India (File)

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday abreast that the civic basic ranks accomplished beyond the apple in CCTVs per aboveboard mile, assault cities like Shanghai, New York, and London.

Mr Kejriwal bidding his contentment over the numbers and wrote on Twitter, "I feel appreciative to say that Delhi exhausted cities like Shanghai, New York, and London with best CCTV cameras per aboveboard mile beyond the world. At first, Delhi has 1826 cameras, while a second, London has 1138 cameras per aboveboard mile. My adulation to the Delhi Government's admiral and engineers who formed on the activity as a mission and accomplished the accomplishment in such a abbreviate time."

It charge be acclaimed that the Attainable Works Department of the Government of Delhi took up the action of accepting and installing 2.75 lakh CCTVs in appearance one of the project. A added 1.4 lakh CCTVs are in the action of accession at present.

Delhi government claims that Delhi's attainable spaces are the best monitored in India, and is one of the few cities globally area the association plays an alive role in authoritative their own security.

In this process, all CCTV feeds are awful secure, with accouterments monitored by the community, feeds attainable alone to authorised users, and the arrangement itself able of automated bloom checkups to ascertain disturbances and intrusions of the connections.

The Delhi Government ensures the aegis and aloofness of all feeds calm and ensures that it is alone acclimated for authorised purposes by authorised users.

As the Delhi government claims, Delhi surpassed 150 cities globally in agreement of Cameras Per Aboveboard Mile. Delhi ranks cardinal one in the account at 1826 cameras per aboveboard mile and is followed by London at 1,138, Chennai at 609, Shenzhen (China) at 520, Wuxi (China) at 472, Qingdao (China) at 415, Shanghai (China) at 408, Singapore at 387, Changsha (China) at 353 and Wuhan (China) 339 in the account of top 10 cities in the metric.

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