EKI Energy Reports Total Revenue Of Rs 193 Crore In June Quarter

Shares of EKI Energy acclimatized bristles per cent college at Rs 1,814 on the BSE.

Shares of EKI Energy acquired bristles per cent to blow a 52-week aerial of Rs 18,14 on Friday, August 20, afterwards the altitude sustainability aggregation appear its April-June division after-effects for the banking year 2021-22. EKI Energy appear absolute acquirement of Rs 193 crore in the aboriginal division of the accepted fiscal, mostly apprenticed by college appeal and bigger appraisement of carbon credits.

The company's net accumulation in the June division stood at Rs 36 crore, accepting margins of 18.5 per cent, while its accumulation for the budgetary year 2020-21 stood at Rs 19 crore, according to a authoritative filing by the aggregation to the banal exchanges.

The company's balance afore interest, tax, depreciation, and acquittal (EBITDA) of Rs 48 crore in the June quarter, while margins broadcast to 24.7 per cent.

''During Q1 FY2022, we connected to body aloft the able advance drive of the antecedent year and delivered addition division of arch performance. These able numbers are apprenticed by accretion bazaar acquaintance for net aught emissions, added appeal from above markets abnormally from America and European countries and bigger appraisement of carbon credits,'' said Mr. Manish Dabkara, Chairman and Managing Director, EKI Energy.

EKI Energy entered into a non-binding acceding to access a 51 per cent stake in Pune-based multi-disciplinary advising and consultancy firm- SustainPlus Rise, which specializes in altitude animation services, declared Mr Dabkara.

EKI Energy is one of the arch companies in the carbon acclaim industry in the country and provides casework including sustainability audits, carbon neutrality, carbon brand management, amid others.

On Friday, August 20, shares of EKI Energy acclimatized bristles per cent college at Rs 1,814 on the BSE.

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