Income Tax Department Seeks Responses From Taxpayers To Expedite Refunds

Income tax administration wants to accelerate the action of refunds for 2020-21

Taxpayers accept been apprenticed by the assets tax administration to "quickly" accelerate online responses so that their refunds which are awaiting for appraisal year 2020-21 can be expedited.

According to a annual by the department, it claimed that as of now, about 93 per cent of acquittance claims in assets tax allotment which accept been filed for the abovementioned appraisal period, accept been processed.

"In the accomplished week, refunds of over Rs 15,269 crore accept been issued which will be accustomed to taxpayers shortly," the annual said.

The administration added said that to accelerate awaiting refunds of 2020-21, it is accepting in blow with taxpayers, as their acknowledgment would be bare for purposes like "prima facie adjustments, defects, acclimation beneath area 245 and acquittance abortion due to coffer annual mismatch".

"The administration requests taxpayers to acknowledge online quickly, so that assets tax allotment (ITRs) in such cases of 2020-21 can be candy expeditiously," the annual added.

The annual said the assets tax administration "has additionally commenced processing of ITRs 1 and 4 for AY 2021-22 and refunds, if any, will be issued anon to the coffer annual of the taxpayer".

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