India hockey brilliant Rupinder Pal Singh: In aggregation affairs we acclimated to say we should comedy like the girls

India hockey brilliant Rupinder Pal Singh: In aggregation affairs we acclimated to say we should comedy like the girls

Rupinder Pal Singh said that the performances put in by the Indian women's hockey teams were a antecedent of afflatus for the men, who went on to win India's aboriginal Olympic hockey badge in 41 years.

Rupinder denticulate four goals at the Tokyo Olympics. (Reuters Photo)

Rupinder Pal Singh said that the men's aggregation took afflatus from their changeable counterparts played in Tokyo

Rupinder said that the aggregation ashore calm afterwards their abundant 1-7 defeat to Australia

He said that acceptable an Olympic badge is article he has been absent aback the time he started arena hockey

Both the men's and women's hockey teams suffered all-a-quiver starts to the Tokyo Olympics but they concluded up breaking barriers and ambience milestones appear the end of it. While women's captain Rani Rampal had beforehand said that the aggregation took action out of the way the men played in their tournament, men's aggregation drag-flicker and apostle Rupinder Pal Singh said that the performances of their changeable counterparts had a agnate aftereffect on them.

"In affairs we acclimated to allocution about it; that we should comedy like the girls. They absent the aboriginal three amateur and still came aback and played the quarter-finals and semi-finals. That absolutely aggressive us to do well," Rupinder told India Today.

The Indian women's aggregation started the clash with a 1-5 defeat to closing gold medallists Netherlands, followed by a 0-2 defeat to Germany and a 1-4 defeat to Rio 2016 gold medallists Great Britain. But they afresh followed that up with three after wins, two of which got them to a first-ever Olympic knockout spot. The aftermost of those wins came to be termed as one of the better upsets of the Tokyo Olympics, back they exhausted gold badge favourites Australia 1-0 and accomplished the semi-finals.

The Indian women's aggregation win over Australia in what was their aboriginal anytime Olympic knockout bold is admired as one of the better upsets of Tokyo 2020. (Reuters Photo)

Men's drillmaster Graham Reid additionally said that there was a lot of barter of advice amid the two teams throughout the tournament. "There was a lot of cross-pollination amid the teams. We had the 13th attic (of the hotel), we had the 12th floor. We were consistently in acquaintance with them, some of the apprenticeship agents additionally aggregate some apartment so it was appealing good," he said.

The men's aggregation had a almanac defeat to argue with aboriginal on in the tournament, back they absent 1-7 to Australia. "We were all sad, disappointed. It is not that we played badly. Alike back we did video assay later, we acquainted that we absolutely played appealing well, created a lot of chances," said the 30-year-old Rupinder.

"Australia played so able-bodied that day, whenever they came into our circle, they scored. We fabricated abiding that we break united. The account was 1-7 but we absitively that behindhand of what happens next, we are a family, we are united, no one will accusation anniversary other. If there are bodies criticising a amateur from the outside, avoid them.

"We knew this was normal. If we lose, afresh we get a lot of criticism. So we abandoned all of it but we additionally fabricated abiding that we answered all those critics on August 5. We will not say annihilation till then. Maybe God accurate us so abundant that we concluded up acceptable a medal," he said.

India recovered from the Australia defeat, which came in the additional bout of the tournament, eventually finishing akin on wins with the Aussies and additional in their group. They afresh exhausted Great Britain in the abode afore accident 5-2 to closing gold medallists Belgium.

However, they took bronze, India's aboriginal hockey badge at the Olympics in 41 years, with a blood-tingling 5-4 win over four-time champions Germany. The bout featured a arresting improvement from 1-3 bottomward for India in the additional quarter, eventually arch 4-3 in the third.

"Before the quarter-finals and semi-finals as able-bodied we were talking about what to do back we trail. During the amateur there were moments back we were low but there were additionally times back we played well. That is all allotment of the game," said Rupinder.

"Against Germany, we were cerebration alike if they score, we accept to accumulate the aforementioned plan. They were arch by two goals, afresh we denticulate one, afresh another, afresh took the lead. The best affair was that the aggregation never gave up, we kept assertive in the action we had. Those are the bold amateur that shows if the players can angle up and booty the aggregation advanced and in that bout we all stood together. We were so abutting (to the medal) that we artlessly did not appetite to lose it, don't apperceive back we will get that adventitious afresh or if we will get it at all or not. We gave it our all," he said.

India exhausted Germany 5-4 to win the country's aboriginal Olympic badge in hockey in 41 years. (Reuters Photo)

The players could be apparent gazing at the brownish badge with smiles on their faces during the commemoration and Rupinder said that he couldn't accept he was captivation it in his hands.

"I had alone dreamed about that badge back I started arena hockey. At the time I couldn't accept it and I was aloof attractive at that medal. I was thinking, this badge looks so beautiful. We accept not paid any money to buy this, it has appear through arduous adamantine assignment and dedication. All the adamantine assignment and the concrete and brainy affliction we went through, the sacrifices, all these things were activity through our minds," he said.

"What the antecedent ancestors did was mind-blowing. We cannot balloon that. They did that at a time back we had annihilation so it is a amount of pride for all of us. We are so advantageous that we are able to abide that legacy," said Rupinder.

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