Nitish Kumar Not In Race For PM Post, His Party Declares

Nitish Kumar said alleged it "nonsense" and said, "I neither appetite nor apprehend (this)".

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has all the qualities to become the Prime Minister but he is not in the chase for the post, his party, the Janata Dal United said this black afterwards a affair of its Civic Council in Patna. Asked about the matter, Mr Kumar said alleged it "nonsense". "I neither appetite nor apprehend (this)," he said.

Senior JD(U) baton KC Tyagi, who abreast the media afterwards the meeting, underscored it. "Nitish Kumar is not a appellant for the column of the Prime Minister. We are in the NDA and our applicant for the Prime Minister's column is Narendra Modi... Although Nitish Kumar has all the qualities appropriate in a Prime Minister," said Mr Tyagi.

Earlier this month, chief JD(U) baton Upendra Kushwaha -- afterwards actuality alleged the baton of the JD(U) aldermanic affair -- had alleged Mr Nitish Kumar "PM material".

"People fabricated Narendra Modi PM today and he's accomplishing acceptable work. But there are others in the country who accept the abeyant to become PM. Of them is Nitish Kumar. He should be alleged PM-material and it's not about arduous PM Modi," Mr Kushwaha had said.

Mr Kumar, however, had refuted it anon after, adage "There's annihilation like this. Why should I be (PM Material)? I am not absorbed in all these things".

It, however, had annoyed accoutrement in the affected of the BJP, which is now a chief accomplice in the alliance.

"Some leaders said he is PM Material. But there is no vacancy. Actuality PM actual and authoritative a affirmation are altered things. There is a heaven and hell difference... We are a baby party. How can we accomplish such a claim?" said affair Civic President Lallan Singh.

The JD(U) additionally anesthetized several added resolutions, which are not accepted to amuse the BJP. These accommodate ensuring a caste-based demography and authoritative accessible the allegation of the Rohini Commission, which was formed by the axial government to character acute astern castes at the civic level.

On the affair of citizenry control, the affair additionally differed with BJP and in yet addition resolution, declared that instead of formulating a law, accessible acquaintance and apprenticeship amid girls will be abundant added able in blockage citizenry growth.

Nitish Kumar additionally ensured that the affair stakes affirmation for seats in the Uttar Pradesh accumulation elections to be captivated abutting year from BJP, contrarily it will be chargeless to acreage candidates.

But the aboriginal alternative would be to challenge as allotment of the NDA alliance, said Mr Tyagi.

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