No Security On Ground Or Air: Airline Pilot Recounts Kabul Escape

Afghanistan: Images of agony at airport were apparent afterwards the abatement of Kabul. (File)

As bags of bodies awash Kabul airport in a bid to escape the advancing Taliban on August 15, Kam Air pilot Jovica Rajhl and his aide had to resort to subterfuge to ability their even and booty off safely.

Rajhl, 54, a North Macedonian, said that advanced of the abatement of Kabul, his employer Kam Air, the better Afghan clandestine airline, had accident affairs to rebase its three Boeing 737 and three Airbus 340 to Ukraine's basic Kyiv.

Many Afghans in the aggregation were "discussing ... affairs B and C in case of Taliban accession ... there was a abundant abhorrence amid Afghans," Rajhl told Reuters on Friday in Skopje, area he lives.

Rajhl said that he and his aide were told to adapt for a flight to Kyiv on Sunday, August 15, anon afterwards account accomplished them that the Taliban had taken over government barrio in Kabul.

"The airport was absolutely accessible ... all the aegis bodies were gone," he said.

Thousands of Afghans acquisitive to lath planes out of the country flocked to Kabul airport. The basic has swelled with bodies from added ambit beat the beforehand of the Taliban.

Rajhl's Boeing 737 was anchored abroad from the capital boarding platform, area throngs of bodies "were aggressive and falling from ladders", he said.

Three Kam Air planes were already blocked by the crowds.

"Our better affluence was that no one paid absorption to us. One of us was not in compatible but in noncombatant clothes," he said.

Passengers from their flight were told to lath bound and as night fell, Rajhl and his aggregation absitively to alpha engines and accomplish abandonment procedures in complete black to abstain cartoon the absorption of the crowd.

"It was acceptable that the bodies on the added ancillary (of the runway), and I am apologetic about them, could alone apprehend babble but saw annihilation affective with its lights on."

Shortly afore takeoff, the aggregation had been warned via radio that they would accept alone 10 account to depart, afterwards which their "security will not be affirmed on arena and in the air".

Rajhl's even assuredly took off at 20:32 bounded time and, afterwards refueling in Tbilisi, Georgia, fabricated it to Kyiv.

(Except for the headline, this adventure has not been edited by NDTV agents and is appear from a amalgamated feed.)

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