OP Chautala Takes Class 10 English Exam, Had Studied For It While In Jail

Om Prakash Chautala advised for the latest assay in Tihar Bastille in Delhi. (File)

Om Prakash Chautala, above Haryana Chief Minister, took a Class 10 English assay on Wednesday. He sat for the assay at Arya Kanya Senior Secondary School in Sirsa.

He had reportedly requested a biographer because of a breach and was accustomed one. The 86-year-old admiral of the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) reportedly accomplished the assay in two hours and left.

Mr Chautala had taken his Class 12 examinations beneath the Haryana Open Board beforehand this year. But aback the after-effects were declared on August 5, his were captivated aback because he had not yet taken a binding Class 10 English exam.

For his Class 12 after-effects to be released, the adept Haryana baton bare to bright the English apportioned exam.

The above Chief Minister anesthetized his Class 10 assay from the National Convention of Open School in 2017, while he was confined a bastille book ordered by the Supreme Court over his role in a teachers' application scam. At the time, his son

Abhay Chautala had appear to reporters that his ancestor had taken the Class 12 exams and had austere it with aboriginal division. But the convention antiseptic after that it was his Class 10, not Class 12 exam.

Mr Chautala advised for the latest assay in Tihar Bastille in Delhi, area he served his 10-year book from 2013. Along with his son Ajay Chautala and 53 others, the four-time Chief Minister was appear aftermost month, two months afore agenda on annual of a appropriate remission.

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