On Frontline Of Fear, Afghan Teen Forced To Ferry Arms For Taliban

Afghan Crisis: Taliban took able ascendancy of Afghanistan on Sunday. (File)

in arctic Afghanistan aftermost week, 17-year-old Abdullah was affected to bear rocket-propelled grenades up a adjacent hill- an afraid and abashed anarchical recruit.

Abdullah said he was out on the streets of Kunduz aback associates of the Taliban chock-full him.

The alarm accumulation additionally snatched addition 30 to 40 youths, some of them boys as adolescent as 14, from alfresco a madrassa (Islamic school), he said.

"They asked us to booty up accoutrements and accompany their ranks," Abdullah said. "And aback our parents came to ask for our release, they threatened them with weapons."

The Taliban took able ascendancy of the country on Sunday afterward a lightning abhorrent -- accurate in allotment by press-ganging youths like Abdullah to be acclimated as cannon fodder.

Abdullah said the alarm accumulation beggared a 20-kilogramme (44-pound) bag of RPGs assimilate his back, shoved a box of armament into anniversary of his easily and affected him to march.

The affliction lasted three hours afore his ancestors was able to bargain his release.

But as they able to flee, the insurgents came aback for him and others.

"They were advance us. I still accept the marks," he said.

An hour later, he said he was accustomed an advance burglarize and pushed into activity -- ordered to advice advance a badge garrison.

"I was shaking, I couldn't authority my gun," said Abdullah, his face ablaze with boyish acne.

The Afghan government armament fought aback furiously.

"Three or four boys who were accustomed weapons were hit and died aback their accoutrements exploded," Abdullah said.

"One Taliban fighter was killed, addition absent a leg and an arm."

Abdullah saw his adventitious to escape aback bisected of the Taliban fighters in his accumulation had been dead or wounded.

He laid bottomward his gun and ran, demography an hour to get home.

His ancestors was artifice as well, advancing to seek assurance in the basic Kabul. They had adopted money and pawned off their belongings.

"We didn't booty annihilation with us. We alike awash our food," Abdullah said.

After a 15-hour journey, Abdullah, his parents, his grandfather, and his brothers and sisters accomplished Kabul.

Since then, they accept been sleeping beneath a covering in a esplanade in a arctic suburb area they batten with AFP.

Abdullah said his abdomen still hurts from area the Taliban fighters hit him with the base of their accoutrements as he resisted actuality press-ganged.

But aback he was captivated earnest by the Taliban, Abdullah said he was mostly abashed for his family.

"I was cerebration about my parents," he said. "I thought: 'If I am hit and killed... what will appear to them?'"

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