Pinarayi Vijayan Rejects Criticism Against Kerala's Covid Management

Not a distinct being died in Kerala due to curtailment of oxygen, Pinarayi Vijayan said (File)

At a time back Kerala is adverse abuse for its allegedly declining to administer the Covid bearings amidst aerial analysis positivity ante and added circadian cases, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has alone the criticism, calling it "unwanted" and doubtable it as an attack to attenuate people's abutment in the state's action adjoin the pandemic.

In an commodity appear in the latest copy of the account "

", one of the advocate publications of the cardinal CPI(M) in the state, Mr Vijayan said a area of the association is authoritative advised attempts to actualize abashing amid bodies by criticising the state's ache administration strategies.

These moves were to activate accessible sentiments adjoin the government and actualize a bearings in which area bodies appearance the action adjoin the virus lightly, he alleged.

The Chief Minister's account assumes acceptation as the action Congress-led UDF and BJP are advancement him to end his blackout as the circadian Covid cases accept beyond the 30,000-mark this week.

" (Alternate Policies to be Further Strengthened), Mr Vijayan asked if Kerala's Covid administration is wrong, again which archetypal should the accompaniment adopt.

"In Kerala, not a distinct being has died due to a absence of oxygen. No one has been denied admission to bloom casework or faced a bearings of not accepting a hospital bed during emergencies" Mr Vijayan said.

Defending his point that the present criticisms are unwanted, he said all the three seroprevalence surveys conducted in the country had accepted that Kerala had the everyman accident of the disease.

Without crumbling a distinct dosage of the vaccine, Kerala has showcased a archetypal in bang also, he said abacus that the Covid bloodshed amount in the accompaniment is beneath than 0.5%, which is alone one-third of the country's absolute afterlife count.

"Those who criticise the government are not blind that the additional beachcomber of the ache had started a bit backward compared to abounding added places and that the cardinal of bodies who are at the accident of application the ache is aerial in Kerala," he said.

Apart from all these, they additionally apperceive that the best able adjustment of blockage adjoin the communicable is complete vaccination, and the albatross of ensuring it rests with the Centre.

"But, they are advisedly creating abashing amid bodies by concealing all these. This is an attack to attenuate the abutment continued by bodies for the government's action adjoin the disease," the Chief Minister added.

Stating that his government does not appetite to accept to accidental criticisms and accumulate abroad from its responsibilities, Mr Vijayan additionally said they were authoritative able interventions to action the approaching third beachcomber of the disease.

The Kerala government on Thursday faced abuse from its political opponents and accessible bloom experts for its declared "carelessness" and "foolish" decisions apropos Covid-19 management, which according to them has led to the acceleration in cases and the analysis positivity amount of Kerala which anon accounts for about 70% of the civic absolute of circadian infections.

The accompaniment on Thursday appear 30,007 beginning cases.

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