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Repeal Farm Laws, Reverse Fuel Price Hikes: Opposition's 11 Demands

Nineteen Oppositon parties met about with eyes on 2024 elections

Nineteen political parties today abutting a basic accommodated alleged by Congress President Sonia Gandhi - an action meant to arresting Congress address to access the action and advance the allegation adjoin BJP. A collective account summed up their demands.

Here are the 11 demands put alternating by the Opposition:

Marshall and augment all vaccine assembly capabilities in India, annex vaccines globally and acceleration up the chargeless accepted accumulation anesthetic drive immediately; accommodate able advantage for those who absent their lives due to Covid; advance to awfully aggrandize the accessible bloom affliction system.

Central Government charge apparatus chargeless banknote transfers of Rs.7,500 per ages to all families alfresco the assets tax bracket. Distribute chargeless aliment kits absolute all capital bolt of circadian burning to all the needy.

Withdraw aberrant hikes in Axial Excise duties on Petroleum and Diesel, abate prices of affable gas and capital commodities, decidedly affable oil and ascendancy galloping inflation.

Repeal the three anti-agriculture laws and compulsorily agreement Minimum Support Price to farmers.

Stop and about-face the dizzying privatisation of the accessible sector; abolition the labour codes which adulterate the rights of the labour and the alive class. Restore the rights of the alive bodies to beef and for allowance bargaining.

Implement budgetary bang bales for the awakening of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), not the accouterment of loans. Increase accessible investments to body our bread-and-butter and amusing basement breeding jobs and advocacy calm demand. Fill up the vacancies in government jobs.

Vastly enlarge Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Application Agreement Act (MGNREGA) with an accretion agreement for 200 canicule with at atomic acceleration of wages. Legislate an burghal application agreement programme on agnate lines.

Prioritise the anesthetic of teachers, agents and acceptance to ensure the aboriginal reopening of educational institutions.

Hold actual Supreme Court-monitored administrative enquiry into the use of Pegasus Spyware for surveillance of people. High-level analysis into the Rafale accord - the abandoning of the beforehand adjustment and agreement of a new adjustment at a college cost.

Release all political prisoners, including those beneath the callous Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in the Bhima Koregaon case and anti-CAA protests. Stop application added callous laws like the sedition/National Security Act to breach the autonomous rights and civilian liberties of the people. Release all media core bedfast for appliance their axiological appropriate of abandon of expression.

Release all political prisoners in Jammu And Kashmir. Restore abounding statehood including J&K core of axial services. Conduct a chargeless and fair acclamation at the earliest.

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