Rs 45 Lakh Looted From Rice Trader At Gunpoint In Ghaziabad: Police

The traders were hit with pistol butts by four bodies at their office. (Representational)

Four bodies decamped with a bagful of banknote account Rs 45 lakh acceptance to a rice banker from Chennai and his accessory afterwards aggressive them at gunpoint at Devika Towers in Raj Nagar commune centre on Tuesday, the badge said.

Anand, the rice trader, was alleged by his associate Deepak, a citizen of Gurgaon in Haryana, on the affectation of accouterment him rice in aggregate at throwaway prices.

Both the traders brought banknote account Rs 45 lakh and Rs 55 lakh in two abstracted bags.

When they accomplished the office in Ghaziabad, four bodies entered the office, threatened them at gunpoint and again hit the duo with pistol butts afore active abroad with the bag absolute Rs 45 lakh.

The additional bag was hidden below a table and the miscreants did not see it, Anand told the police.

Police accept bedfast four suspects for interrogation. CCTV footage has been acquired and a delving is underway, chief badge official Anshu Jain said.

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