Taliban Takeover Prompts Relief, Women's Rights Fears In Afghan Cities

Taliban Takeover Prompts Relief, Women's Rights Fears In Afghan Cities

After 20 years of adverse war, Afghans in cities far from the basic Kabul are activity a mix of abatement and alarming about what awaits them beneath the Taliban.

The celebration of the hardline Islamist accumulation and the accumulation abandonment of government armament has brought a long-desired acquittal from fighting, which has larboard tens of bags asleep and millions abandoned back 2001.

"The bodies are actual happy. There will be no added corruption, and maybe no added bombings," a announcer in the southern burghal of Lashkar Gah, in Helmand province, told AFP.

But whether women can work, get apprenticeship at all levels and be able to mix with men are some of the best acute questions.

A academy arch in the northeastern burghal of Kunduz, area the Taliban commonly accept beneath influence, told AFP the accumulation was allowing apprenticeship of girls of all ages, but beneath austere segregation.

"The Taliban said if women are teaching girls, again there is no problem," he said over WhatsApp.

"Women agents can go to academy but they cannot assignment calm with men."

In addition diktat, the Taliban told him no music or singing was allowed.

But in the markets and in bloom clinics, women could still be apparent afterwards macho chaperones, he observed.

The Taliban they batten to did not say if the new rules had appear from aloft or were actuality locally implemented.

The militants accept again promised a altered affectionate of aphorism to their barbarous administration of the 1990s that saw women bedfast to their homes, best ball banned, and punishments including stonings and accessible executions.

They accept apprenticed to account advance fabricated in women's rights, but alone according to their austere estimation of Islamic law.

The Taliban rebranding is actuality advised with scepticism, with experts analytic whether it will be a concise bid to seek all-embracing acceptance and a assiduity of basic aid.

A midwife who works for a adopted NGO in Lashkar Gah said she was told to break home until there was added accuracy from the Taliban.

"I'm absolutely not blessed because I charge the money," she said.

The Taliban accept not yet formed a government, abrogation allowance for differences in how they are asserting their ascendancy in anew bedeviled territories.

An agent at Lashkar Gah University, who said abounding of his changeable colleagues still abounding assignment this week, met with Taliban admiral afterwards they asked about abutting semester's curriculum.

"It was new to them. They are aloof villagers," he told AFP over WhatsApp.

Some women in the city, out of fear, had resumed cutting the all-enveloping burqa -- already accepted in the acutely bourgeois south, he empiric this week.

But he anecdotal how the militants -- who already arrested men for not absolution their beards abound -- did not baffle back he went to the beautician for a barber this week.

In Herat, a catholic burghal aloof 150 kilometres (100 miles) from the Iranian bound and afflicted by Persian culture, men and women ahead absolved calm in parks at night.

An agent of the bounded university, anxious about her able future, says that she now has to assignment afterwards men, and worries about accepting her salary.

In Afghanistan's second-largest burghal of Kandahar -- the basic of the aboriginal Taliban administration -- the buyer of a contemporary bistro has kept his enactment open.

"The Taliban accept so far not created any problems," he said.

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