Talks with India can be captivated on 'condition of impartiality': Taliban agent | Exclusive - Part I

Talks with India can be captivated on 'condition of impartiality': Taliban agent | Exclusive - Allotment I

Taliban agent Mohammad Suhail Shaheen has denied letters hinting that the Taliban captivated backchannel talks with the Government of India.

File photo of Taliban adjudicator Suhail Shaheen | Photo Credits: Dimitar Dilkoff via AFP

'We are committed to aegis of all diplomats and embassies in Afghanistan'

Reports say India acknowledging Kabul administering with aggressive hardware: Taliban spokesperson

'It was a bottomless affirmation that associates of the Taliban removed the banderole from the Gurudwara in Paktia province'

No talks accept been captivated amid India and the Taliban, Mohammad Suhail Shaheen told India Today from Doha in Qatar. Mohammad Suhail Shaheen is a affiliate of the negotiations aggregation and the Taliban's agent for all-embracing media.

additionally said that chat amid the Taliban and India can booty abode "on the action of impartiality".

He went on to add that as per the Doha agreement, the Taliban will not acquiesce any alone or article to use Afghan clay to arise an advance adjoin any added country in the world.

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Referring to Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani, Mohammad Suhail Shaheen said the Taliban wants to adios the accepted administering in Kabul. The Taliban will not abandonment to the Afghan government, he added.

Are Indians in talks with the Taliban and at what level?

There were letters about an Indian appointment visiting or affair our delegation. I accept apparent that, but I can't affirm it, because according to my information, it has not happened.

Based on my information, no affair has taken place.

India seeks accord in Afghanistan. There are apropos for the aegis of Indians and minorities in Afghanistan. The admiral in Kandahar was abandoned in July. Today, the admiral in Mazar-e-Sharif has been evacuated. There are apropos that back the Taliban alcove an area, Indians will accept to leave that area.

There are two genitalia of the story. One belongs to us. We accept issued statements that we are committed to the aegis of all diplomats and embassies in Afghanistan. Not once, but on abounding occasions. There were animadversion by the agent of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mr Zabiullah Mujahid, and additionally statements from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

for their own reasons, for their own concerns. That is up to them. But what was accompanying to us, we accept already austere our position and apparent our charge to the aegis of all those confined diplomats in embassies.

: Talks with India on action of “impartiality”, says Taliban spokesperson.

No talks accept taken abode amid Indian and Taliban officials

The added affair is about women's education. We do not accept an argument to women accepting admission to apprenticeship and work. We accept said that time and again, but alone that they are Muslim women and may accept to abrasion Islamic "hijab" (veil). Appropriate now, in areas beneath our control, girls' aerial schools, universities, area women are accepting education, are all operating. They accept not been belted from alive or accepting education.

Would the Taliban accede accepting India as allotment of the Doha talks?

I anticipate it is absolutely important for India to appearance impartiality. We accept been accepting letters that they are acknowledging the Kabul administering with aggressive hardware, which is acclimated by the administering adjoin its own people.

We saw in Lashkargah, Helmand province, bombing by the aforementioned weapon. It is actual important that India shows impartiality; they should be with the bodies of Afghanistan rather than with a government which is imposed or which came into actuality as a aftereffect of the occupation. That is for them to adjudge whether they are continuing with the bodies of Afghanistan or with the government imposed by adopted capitals.

Indian admiral had a ‘quiet’ affair with Taliban, says Qatari appropriate envoy

Otherwise there can be no talks with the Taliban? America additionally provides abutment to the Kabul administration.

They [India] are angry one ancillary and supporting, accouterment weapons to the Kabul administration. America was angry our country and they were a affair adjoin us and afresh we talked because they accomplished the cessation that there is no aggressive band-aid and we additionally accomplished the cessation that there is no aggressive solution.

Afghan aegis being walks about bits afterward an advance in Kabul on August 4, 2021 | Credits: AP

Why altered rules for India? Shouldn't India, as a neighbor, be a allotment of the Doha talks?

About the about-face in Afghanistan and absolute accomplish which are taken by any country, we acknowledge that if it is for the bodies of Afghanistan. But, not if they are allowance the Kabul administering adjoin the bodies of Afghanistan, they are allowance bottomless advertising adjoin us.

, while all the bodies of Afghanistan were angry for the liberation of the country.

Even now, they [India] are adjoin the people, adjoin the abandon fighters and with the application forces. So it is for them to change their position.

Will we see India at the negotiating table in the future?

I anticipate that is for the approaching whether to be allotment of the talks or not, but appropriate now, I anticipate they should authorize their impartiality. That would be an important footfall forward.

India played effective role in Afghanistan, says Pentagon

In agreement of minorities, the contempo adventure of a Gurudwara area the Nishan-e-Sahib was removed by the Taliban. And afterwards on, it was restored. What absolutely happened?

This anecdotal advance in the media about Gurudwara was not correct. It was a bottomless affirmation that associates of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) removed the flag.

When I texted them to acquisition out, they didn't alike apperceive area it was located.

And then, back we begin the area afterwards a struggle, we asked the

. They said 'we accept fear, we accept worries that if the banderole is there, addition will apprehension that and they will annoy us'. We assured them that it is our action not to put restrictions on minorities. You accept rights.

We gave them the acquaintance number. If there was any issue, acquaintance them and told them that they can accomplish their religious ceremonies and rituals as they were doing. And afresh the banderole was hoisted again.

What about aegis in the approaching of the minorities in Afghanistan? Should they be concerned? Because they absolutely are concerned:

If they are concerned, afresh their worries are not based on realities. If they appetite us to explain our policies, they can advance their lives as Afghans. There is no bigotry adjoin them. They can accomplish their rituals as they accept been accomplishing for years.

As Afghans, we can participate in the account of the people, in the about-face of Afghanistan and additionally in the aegis of the country.

What is the Taliban's angle vis-à-vis India? How can India abide to comedy a allotment in the development and about-face of Afghanistan?

It is up to them. What is their angle vis-à-vis the bodies of Afghanistan. I anticipate it is a catechism to be asked from them.

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Talks with India on action of 'impartiality', says Taliban spokesperson

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