This Sports Legend Is Selling Skateboards Painted With His Own Blood

Tony Hawk collaborated with Liquid Death for a band of limited-edition skateboards.

Skateboarding fable Tony Hawk has teamed up with Liquid Death, a canned baptize company, to absolution a band of limited-edition skateboards alloyed with his own blood. According to

, the 53-year-old donated two vials of his own blood, which was again alloyed with the acrylic acclimated to actualize the skateboards. Liquid Death's limited-edition run of 100 skateboards are corrective red and affection a clear of a man whose arch has been replaced by a can of water. 

In a promotional video, Tony Hawk joked that he became an agent for Liquid Death - the baptize aggregation whose tagline claims to "murder your thirst" - but forgot to apprehend the accomplished print.

"They're gonna mix my claret into the acrylic and do a bound run of skateboards application my absolute claret in the graphics," he explained.

The video has beyond 1.7 actor angle on Instagram back actuality appear on Wednesday. 

"I am acutely beholden to accept a affiliation with my fans, and I acknowledge how Liquid Death connects with theirs," Tony Hawk said in a columnist release, according to

. "This accord is demography those access to a new level, as I accept actually put my claret (and soul?) into these decks."

Liquid Death accepted that the skateboarder's absolute claret had been acclimated in the authoritative of the skateboards and antiseptic that they had sterlised it first.

's absolute claret in these skateboards. And yes, we antibacterial it first. Own your actual own allotment of the Birdman today. But act fast! There are alone 100 of them.

Owning a skateboard alloyed with the claret of the allegorical amateur won't appear accessible - or cheap. A limited-edition run of the skateboards went on auction for $500 and is now awash out on the brand's website. 

According to Liquid Death's website, 10% of the profits from the skateboard will go to Mr Hawk's alignment The Skateboard Project, which helps armamentarium accessible skateparks, and 5 Gyres, a non-profit committed to abbreviation artificial pollution. 

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