Under India's Presidency, UN Unanimously Adopts Peacekeeping Resolution

S Jaishankar chaired an open-debate beneath India's admiral of Aegis Council on UN peacekeeping

The UN Aegis Council, currently actuality presided over by India, on Wednesday absolutely adopted for the aboriginal time a resolution on ensuring accountability for crimes committed adjoin UN peacekeepers besides calling on affiliate states hosting peacekeeping operations to accompany to amends perpetrators amenable for killing and committing acts of abandon adjoin the Dejected Helmets.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar chaired an open-debate beneath India's admiral of the Aegis Council on UN peacekeeping operations with the affair of "Protecting the protectors: technology and peacekeeping", the additional signature accident captivated as India presides over the able 15-member UN anatomy for the ages of August.

At the meeting, two cogent aftereffect abstracts were absolutely adopted and overwhelmingly accurate - a Presidential Statement on "Peacekeeping and Technology" and a Resolution on "Accountability of crimes adjoin UN Peacekeepers."

Under the Indian Presidency, the Aegis Council absolutely adopted for the aboriginal time the resolution that calls for ensuring accountability for crimes committed adjoin UN peacekeepers.

In band with India's focus on peacekeeping, the Presidential Statement (PRST) in the UNSC was the aboriginal to be adopted that focused alone on utilising technology to abetment peacekeepers.

The PRST encourages the use of avant-garde technology for convalescent the performance, assurance and aegis of peacekeepers who are operating in added circuitous and chancy environments.

Through the resolution, the Aegis Council "calls aloft Affiliate States hosting or accepting hosted United Nations peacekeeping operations to booty all adapted measures in accordance with their civic law and all-embracing law as applicative to accompany to amends perpetrators of the killing of, and all acts of abandon adjoin United Nations personnel, including, but not bound to, their apprehension and abduction."

This was the aboriginal such Aegis Council resolution that calls for prevention, analysis and case to accompany the perpetrators to justice.

India accomplished the aboriginal resolution in the UNSC this year, which was co-sponsored by all UNSC associates and a absolute of over 80 UN Affiliate States, blame the abutment of the all-embracing association to the affair of peacekeeping, which India has accent as one of the antecedence areas during its accepted Admiral of the Council.

The resolution urges all parties to armed battle to absolutely account their obligations beneath all-embracing law.

It calls on host states to assignment with peacekeeping missions to enhance the assurance and aegis of mission cadre and to booty all all-important measures to investigate such acts, and arrest and arraign perpetrators of such acts in band with their civic law, constant with applicative all-embracing obligations, including beneath all-embracing altruistic law, and all-embracing animal rights law and in accordance with the accordant status-of-forces or status-of-mission agreement, as appropriate."

It additionally calls aloft affiliate states hosting or accepting hosted UN peacekeeping operations to advance accountability for the killing of, and all acts of abandon adjoin UN cadre confined in peacekeeping operations.

The resolution encourages Affiliate States, including troop and badge accidental countries whose cadre accept been the victims of the killing of and all acts of abandon adjoin UN personnel, to actively appoint and allotment advice with the Secretary-General, constant with their civic law, as and area all-important to abetment Affiliate States hosting or accepting hosted peacekeeping operations, in bringing to amends the perpetrators of such acts.

Through the Presidential Statement, the UNSC, acquainted that peacekeepers are deployed in breakable and circuitous political and aegis environments, and face absurd and circuitous threats including from terrorism, "stresses the charge to advantage the abstruse accoutrement accessible to abutment greater situational acquaintance of peacekeeping missions".

During the signature event, India in allocation with the UN additionally formed out a different technology belvedere aimed at acceptable aegis and assurance of peacekeepers.

The UNITE AWARE belvedere helps admission situational acquaintance and provides terrain-related advice to peacekeepers.

India partnered with the UN and contributed USD 1.64 actor in the roll-out of the UNITE Aware platform.

Mr Jaishankar, acclamation reporters at the Aegis Council stakeout afterwards the accessible debate, said that UNITE Aware is a situational acquaintance software programme that will utilise avant-garde surveillance technology for absolute time blackmail assessments to peacekeepers and advice them acutely enhance their security.

This will admission alive video and accessory adumbration and in actual airy affairs additionally bear aboriginal warnings to peacekeepers.

He said this belvedere will initially be deployed in four Peacekeeping Missions: MINUSMA (Mali), UNMISS (South Sudan), UNFICYP (Cyprus) and AMISOM (Somalia).

Through the UNITE Aware platform, absolute peacekeeping operation can be visualised, accommodating and monitored on a absolute time basis, it will almanac abstracts on analytical incidents and events, chase circadian operational activities, admission alive video and accessory adumbration and accommodate aboriginal admonishing in airy environment.

As allotment of India's action appear training and accommodation architecture of peacekeepers in the apple of technology, an MoU was active amid India and the UN in abutment to the -"Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping" action and to UN C4ISR - UN Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP) based in Entebbe, Uganda.

The MoU was exchanged amid India's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador TS Tirumurti and Under-Secretary-General for Operational Abutment Atul Khare during a austere commemoration at the UN Peacekeepers Memorial.

Mr Jaishankar laid a band at the canonizing and abutting by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres paid admiration to the UN peacekeepers who accept absent their lives over the years in band of duty.

Speaking at the ceremony, Guterres said added than one actor men and women accept served beneath the dejected banderole of the United Nations back 1948.

"More than 4,000 peacekeepers accept absent their lives in the band of duty. Among them are 174 Indian peacekeepers, the accomplished cardinal of all the troop-contributing countries. We are always beholden for their service. Their arresting work, and ultimate sacrifice, will never be forgotten," he said.

In his abode to the accessible agitation in his civic capacity, Mr Jaishankar said: "It is this Council that sends peacekeepers beyond continents to "keep the peace" and apparatus the authorization that it decides. It is accordingly the assignment of this actual baronial anatomy to additionally ensure that we accommodate them the agency to apparatus that mandate".

"We accept apparent today, both in the rollout of the UNITE Aware Belvedere as able-bodied as the actionable elements of training congenital in the MoU, that India believes in walking the allocution back it comes to the assurance and aegis of UN peackeepers.

"We achievement that in our discussions today, we get an appropriately able reaffirmation of the UN's absorbed as well," Mr Jaishankar added.

Wednesday's agitation was the additional signature accident captivated beneath India's admiral in August.

The aboriginal signature accident beneath India's UNSC admiral was captivated on Baronial 9 back Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the High-level Accessible Agitation on "Enhancing Maritime Aegis - A Case for All-embracing Cooperation". The third accident on Baronial 19 will be a high-level conference on "Threats to All-embracing Peace and Aegis acquired by Terrorist Acts".

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