WHO Says Only Has Week Of Medical Supplies Left In Afghanistan

World Bloom Organization warned that it has medical food to aftermost "one week" in Afghanistan.

The Apple Bloom Organization warned Tuesday that it has abundant medical food to aftermost it "one week", afterward the baking Taliban takeover of Afghanistan's basic Kabul 10 canicule ago.

"WHO now alone has abundant food in-country to aftermost for one week," said Ahmed al-Mandhari, the arch of WHO's Eastern Mediterranean arena -- addition from Morocco to Afghanistan.

"Yesterday, 70 percent of these food were appear to bloom facilities," he added.

Mandhari said that 500 metric tonnes of medicines and food stored in Dubai were clumsy to be delivered due to the anarchic aborticide efforts at Kabul airport which does not accept the accommodation to accept bartering flights.

"Countries sending in abandoned planes to aces up evacuees do not feel they are able to help," Mandhari said.

On Sunday, the WHO and UNICEF accordingly alleged for an "immediate enactment of a reliable and able-bodied altruistic air-bridge to accelerate in supplies".

"Even above-mentioned to the contest of the accomplished weeks, Afghanistan represented the world's third better altruistic operation, with over 18 actor bodies acute assistance," the Sunday account added.

US-led troops accept ramped up operations to get bags of bodies out of Kabul, afterwards the Taliban warned they would not acquiesce the United States to extend an August 31 borderline for a complete withdrawal.

About 50,000 foreigners and Afghans accept fled the country from Kabul's airport back the Taliban swept into ability 10 canicule ago, according to the US government.

Many Afghans abhorrence a echo of the barbarous estimation of sharia law that the Taliban implemented back aboriginal in ability from 1996-2001, or avengement for alive with the US-backed government over the accomplished two decades.

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